Thursday, January 14, 2016

King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 035 2015 Year in Review & Superman Rant

Welcome to the 35th Episode of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun, the podcast where I sit in my car and talk comics over my lunch hour. This time out I take a look back at 2015 and the first full year of my podcasting effort, touch on some feedback, and talk about the state of Superman, the good and the bad, and touch on some of the plans for the various shows on the feed in 2016. Usually I try to keep my episodes all-ages friendly, but in my ranting this time out I let few swear words fly, so listeners beware.

As always you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or download the episode directly here: King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 035 2015 Year in Review & Superman Rant

During the episode I mention a number of fine podcasters and bloggers that sent me in feedback & shared/retweeted the episode posts to help spread the word about King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun. So please take the time to check out their contributions to the comic book blogging and podcasting community by clicking on the links below.

-Mark Sweeney of the I'm The Gun Comic Blog

-Gene Hendricks of the The Hammer Strikes! & QuantumCast Podcasts

-Van Zee, who may have a podcast on the horizon, and currently posts a ton of great content daily at the Tales of the Justice Society of America Facebook Page

-Ryan Daly of the Dead Bothan Spies, Flowers & Fishnets, and Secret Origins Podcasts and blogs, which will soon be relaunched on the Fire & Water Podcast Network Feed.

-Chris Franklin of the Super Mates Podcast & Power Records Podcast, part of the Fire & Water Podcast Network

-Professor Alan Middleton of the Relatively Geeky Podcast and Dorkness to Light Podcast

-Darrin & Ruth Sutherland of the Trekker Talk Podcast and Warlord Worlds Podcast

-Clinton Robison of the Coffee & Comics Blog and the Armageddon 2001

-My friends over at the Captain Marvel themed blog World's Mightiest Mortal and the Captain Marvel themed ShazamCast!

-And of course the Irredeemable one himself, Shag Matthews of the Firestorm Fan Blog and Fire & Water Podcast

As I mentioned in the episode during the Feedback portion, I've re-uploaded the 3rd episode of Random Comic Showcase covering Batman #402, this time in MP3 File Format, per listener request. You can listen to that here: Random Comic Showcase Ep 003 Batman #402

Thank you very much for listening. Feedback for the podcast can be left at the blog, by emailing me directly at, by leaving an iTunes review, sending me a tweet at the Twitter handle @KyleBenning_Art, or by visiting the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks for recommending me in your post, I appreciate it!

  2. No problem, you run 2 great Captain Marvel Blogs!