Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tales From the Golden Age Ep 009 - Police Comics #1 - Prisoner #711

Welcome to the 9th Episode of Tales from the Golden Age, the podcast where I dive into classic Superhero comic book stories from the Golden Age of Comics, as always I’m your host Kyle Benning. This time out I kick off my coverage of Police Comics #1 with the Prisoner #711 by George Brenner.  

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As you heard in the Promos in this episode, be sure to check out:
I specifically referenced Episode #3 of All-Star Comics Review, which covers the founding of the JSA, that episode is located here: HERE

I referenced 3 specific episodes of the Comics in the Golden Age Podcast, those were:
-Episode #31 which covered the Phantom Lady story from Police Comics #1
-Mini-Episode #4 covering Plastic Man's introduction in Police Comics #1
-Episode #23 which covers Plastic Man in depth

You can read the story, along with the rest of the contents of Police Comics #1 for free here:

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