Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Superman Daily Newspaper Strip II

The Superman Daily Newspaper Strip ran continuously from its debut on January 16th 1939, all the way until May 1966. The Full Color Sunday strip debuted on Sunday November 5, 1966. Due to the growing popularity and demand for Superman, Superman co-creator and artist Joe Shuster found himself swamped with work as Superman appeared more and more. He was now the regular cover feature in the anthology comic series Action Comics where he made his debut, and with May of 1939, Superman would then have his own self-titled, 64 page quarterly comic book. Add that to the demands of producing a daily Superman comic strip, and you can see Shuster's predicament. So Shuster a prominent artist of the time, did what so many other Golden Age comic artists did (any many still do today) he enlisted the help of ghost artists to assist him with the strips. Duties and involvement of ghost artists from Shuster's varied day by day and strip to strip, between the figures, backgrounds, details, and inks, often times a single daily strip had several different artists working to complete it. Some of these ghost artists who took on art duties, whether that was full or assistance, included Paul Cassidy, Leo Nowak, John Sikela, Ed Debrotka, Paul Lauretta, and even Jack Burnley!

And now, the real reason you're here! The next 6 installments (#7-12) of the Superman Daily Newspaper Strip!

Be sure to tune back into the blog later today to catch the Superman-themed 10th Episode of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun, and be sure to tune back in Sunday for the next six installments (#13-18) of the Superman Newspaper Comic Strip. 

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