Monday, October 24, 2016

RCS Ep 030 - The Hunt: New Marvel & DC Rebirth 3-Packs in Walmart ?!?!?

Welcome to the landmark 30th Episode of Random Comic Showcase, the Podcast where I look at some other element of comics or geek culture that doesn't fall into the normal format of any of my other shows on the feed.

Naturally, to mark this milestone episode, I return to probably the most commonly discussed topic on these Random Comic Showcase episodes, "The Hunt" and the latest place I've located comic books. Yes this time out I'm once again ranting and raving about my recent comic book finds, which include a new format of comic multi-pack, once again located at Walmart. Gone are the comic 4-packs with 80's and 90's Marvel Comics, that I waxed nostalgia about back in the late spring/early summer. Those mylar bags of joy disappeared a few weeks after I waxed nostalgic about them, but after a couple of month absence, they have been replaced by new Marvel & DC Comic 3-Packs, chalked full of nothing but recent material. And I ramble on all about here in this episode.

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