Friday, July 24, 2020

RCS Classics JSA, Animated Legion, New Gods, Composite Superman, Thor, Captain America and Invaders!

Oh my, I forgot to post the physical blog posting with episode links a month ago! These all got uploaded on Libsyn at the end of June, to fill up feed space & justify the monthly cost I pay at Libsyn to host the podcast. So jump in your time machine & head back to 2015 & 2016, to an era that seems like a lifetime ago & enjoy six "classic" episodes from the original run of the podcast.

First up was an episode that discussed the Golden Age All-Star Comics series, complete with me reading an introductory missive written by Roy Thomas, you can listen to that episode here: RCS Classic: JSA/All-Star Comics Intro (2015)

Next up is another episode from 2015, where I look at Adventures in the DC Universe #10, an often overlooked gem of series with comic adventures set in the then young DC Animated Universe. This particular issue was a Legion of Superheroes adventure that marked their debut into the DCAU. You can check it out here: RCS Classic: Adventures in the DCU #10 (2015)

Another episode covering a mid 90's DC book is this episode where I jump into New Gods #12, which marks a bold new direction for the series when John Byrne takes over both writing and art duties on the series. You can check it out here: RCS Classic: New Gods #12 (2015)

Next up, I re-uploaded an episode from 2016 where I took a look at World's Finest Comics #142, the debut of the Composite Superman, the bane of Shag Matthews and Rob Kelly's podcasting existence! You can check out my recap of that daring adventure of the Superman & Batman team here: RCS Classic: WF #142 Composite Superman! (2016)

Next up, was an episode where I shared my love for Kirby's Silver Age Thor work at Marvel, and give a rundown of the crazy web of Thor reprints in the Bronze Age. All that plus classic KISS God of Thunder goodness can tickle your eardrums here: RCS Classic: God of Thunder, King of Comics

And finally this time out, I had my 2015 4th of July Super Spectacular episode, an episode looking at one of my favorite Captain America issues of all-time, the mid-70's return of Jack Kirby to Marvel & the character he created 35 years earlier, Captain America #193 MADBOMB!!! In the episode I also tackle some classic issues of Invaders starring the British super-team the Crusaders, a team made of Golden Age Quality Comics Analogs, with a Nedor/Standard Fightin' Yank analog thrown in for good measure. You can catch of that Bronze Age flag-waving goodness here: RCS Classic: 4th of July Spectacular (2015)

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