Monday, March 16, 2015

King-Size Comics Giant-SIze Fun Episode 017 FEEDBACK, COMIC TALK & MORE!

Do you like over-sized comics? Comics with extended page counts like DC’s 80 Page Giants, 100 Page Super Spectaculars, and Dollar Comic Giants or Marvel’s King-Size Annuals, Giant-Size Specials, and Double-Sized Issues? How about the physically larger Treasury Comics? Then welcome to the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast, join me your host, Kyle Benning, on a one man mission to brave the elements and review over-sized comics in my car during my lunch hour.

Welcome to the 17th episode of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun! This time out I read some much appreciated Listener Feedback, briefly talk about the 1990's craze of comic themed Trading Cards, discuss plans for a (psuedo) new podcast that will be joining the feed, and round out the episode with some general comic book talk regarding recent comic announcements. 

As always you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes as well as download it directly here:King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 017 Feedback, Comic Talk & More

During this episode I mentioned where you can find a number of podcasts and blogs managed by the fantastic listeners that wrote into the show. Be sure to check out their podcast endeavors, that all put my humble podcast to shame.

I first read some feedback from Professor Alan Middleton from the Relatively Geeky Network, who was also my special guest co-host for Episode 15 of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun. You can find Professor Alan and his daughter Emily on the Relatively Geeky Network of podcasts, where they put out 3 fantastic podcasts. All 3 podcasts, The Quarterbin Podcast, Shortbox Showcase, and Uncovering the Bronze Age, can be found on the same feed on iTunes, just search for Relatively Geeky Podcast. You can follow their blog here:Relatively Geeky Podcast Network Blog

And follow the podcast on Facebook here:

I mentioned that thanks to Professor Alan promoting the show and sharing the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun post on Facebook, podcaster Billy Hogan, of the Superman Fan Podcast found the show and downloaded all of the episodes. You can find Billy's fine podcast that is currently covering all of Superman's Silver Age exploits on iTunes, as well as follow his blog here:Superman Fan Podcast Blog

And be sure to check out the Superman Fan Podcast Facebook Page as well: Superman Fan Facebook Page

I mentioned Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey's Tales of the JSA Podcast from the Two True Freaks Podcast network, be sure to check out their Facebook page that has loads of new content and art scans posted every day by listener Van Zee, you can check it out here:

Be sure to check out Shag Matthew's podcasts from the Fire & Water Network of Podcasts as well as the Ultraverse Podcast Network.You can find Shag at the Firestorm Fan, and on Facebook:

You can find Shag and the rest of the Ultraverse Podcast network at and

And finally, thank you very much to Mark Adams of the Markmess VS. Podcasts for his emails, I really appreciate it Mark! Be sure to check out Mark's fine podcasts at where you can find both of his Marvel annual crossover podcasts as well as his Letter's Home podcast. All 3 are fantastic and I'm really enjoying them, so be sure to give them a listen!

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