Tuesday, April 28, 2015

King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 019 GI JOE Treasury Special #1

Do you like over-sized comics? Comics with extended page counts like DC’s 80 Page Giants, 100 Page Super Spectaculars, and Dollar Comic Giants or Marvel’s King-Size Annuals, Giant-Size Specials, and Double-Sized Issues? How about the physically larger Treasury Comics? Then welcome to the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast, join me your host, Kyle Benning, on a one man mission to brave the elements and review over-sized comics in my car during my lunch hour.

Welcome to the 19th episode of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun! This time out I devote the episode to taking a look at the legacy of the late, great Herb Trimpe, and his 30 years of work for Marvel Comics. 

I finish the episode by taking a look of the GI JOE Real American Hero Treasury Special #1 released in 1982 and featuring Herb's fantastic art. As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or download the episode directly here:King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 019 GI JOE Treasury Special #1

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