Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Welcome to the second episode of the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS PODCAST, a show dedicated to covering the stories chronicling the adventures and team-ups of the Justice Society of America of Earth-2 and their Earth-1 counterparts the Justice League of America. Each episode will be devoted to a single issue of one of these Crisis crossovers, so join me, your host Kyle Benning, as I chronologically work through the 8 volumes of Crisis on Multiple Earths and Crisis on Multiple Earth Team-Ups TPBs. 

This time out I once again dive into the Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 1 TPB to examine the second meeting of the Flash of Earth-1 Barry Allen and the Flash of Earth-2 Jay Garrick, as told in the story from Flash #129, titled "Double Danger on Earth." The issue originally went on sale April 19th 1962 and was written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Carmine Infantino, and inked by Joe Giella.

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During the episode I read feedback from 4 listeners and mention their fine online blog & podcasting efforts. Please check out their respective blogs & podcasts at the below links.

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  1. Great episode, Kyle! I love hearing these old multiple Earth crossovers revisited.

    As for your question, if you can manage it, I would rather hear both parts of the JLA/JSA crossover covered in one episode. Two issues isn't difficult to handle, compared to a six- or eight-issue miniseries, and it would be nice to get the complete adventure told in one episode.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Ryan for the kind words and feedback on my dilemma. That's the way I was leaning as well.

  2. Another fun one! Thanks for giving me a reason to give these another chance! Like I said last time, I bought them, but shelved them in favor of the JLA/JSA volumes. Which, silly me, means I've been missing out all these years! I'm planning to re-read as you post these, but man am I eager to jump ahead and check out Dr. Fate, Hourman, Green Lantern...but I'll try to be patient!

    As far as the dilemma, I agree...cover both issues if's hard enough as it is now not to re-read ahead!