Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Welcome to the second episode of the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS PODCAST, a show dedicated to covering the stories chronicling the adventures and team-ups of the Justice Society of America of Earth-2 and their Earth-1 counterparts the Justice League of America. Each episode will be devoted to a single issue of one of these Crisis crossovers, so join me, your host Kyle Benning, as I chronologically work through the 8 volumes of Crisis on Multiple Earths and Crisis on Multiple Earth Team-Ups TPBs. 

This time out I once again dive into the Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 1 TPB to examine the second meeting of the Flash of Earth-1 Barry Allen and the Flash of Earth-2 Jay Garrick, as told in the story from Flash #137, titled "Vengeance of the Immortal Villain." The issue originally went on sale April 18th 1963 and was written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Carmine Infantino, and inked by Joe Giella.

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As I mentioned in the podcast, the mask Hawkman wears in this one is a unique "hybrid" mask of sorts that only ever appears in this issue, never to be seen again. Check out the mask Hawkman wore in Flash #137:

Compared to the mask he wore in Flash Comics #96: 

And finally the yellow cowl mask he wore in All-Star Comics #57 and wears in next episode's adventure Justice League of America #21.

 During the episode I read feedback from 2 listeners and mention their fine online blog & podcasting efforts. Please check out their respective blogs & podcasts at the below links.

Ryan Daly aka Count Drunkula of Flowers & FishnetsDead Bothan Spies, and the Secret Origins Podcast.

Tim Wallace of the Kord Industries Blue Beetle Blog and Legion of Super-Bloggers

And JSA Expert who helped me out in a pinch, Van Zee, who posts a ton of great JSA related content on the Tales of the JSA Facebook Page 

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