Sunday, November 29, 2015

King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Ep 025 Murphy Anderson Tribute

Welcome back to another episode of King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun, join me your host, Kyle Benning this time out as I help celebrate the legacy of the late, great Murphy Anderson. This is my contribution to the #RIPMurphy Podcast Crossover, celebrating the career and artwork of the fantastic & revolutionary artist Murphy Anderson, who passed away at the age of 89 on October 22, 2015. 

As my contribution to the crossover, I'm covering the Captain Comet story, "Guardians of the Clockwork Universe" from 1952"s Strange Adventures #22.

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List of Podcasts and episodes doing tributes to the late great Murphy Anderson

Flowers & Fishnets: A Black Canary Podcast episode 19
  • Hosted by Ryan Daly with guest host Chris Franklin from the Super Mates Podcast
  • Covering The Brave and the Bold #61 and #62 (Starman and Black Canary team-up

Professor Alan’s Comic Book Reading Journal (CRJ) #005
  • Hosted by Professor Alan
  • Covers the comics Alan read in October, 2015
  • talks about Murphy Anderson comics (Superman 254, Legion 245, 246) at the end of the episode

Head Speaks Episode 17
  • Hosted by Aaron *Head* Moss
  • Covering Showcase 60 (The Spectre, drawn by Murphy)
  • Talking about Murphy Anderson’s life and work history (from Wkipedia)
  • Mentioning his website:
  • link to website:

Task Force X Episode 16
  • Hosted by Aaron *Head* Moss
  • Covering Showcase 34 (1st appearance of Ray “The Atom” Palmer, inked by Murphy)

Comic Book Time Machine #77
  • Hosted by Ben Avery (and Daniel Butcher & Matt Anderson, but they aren’t taking part in this)
  • Covering Atomic Knight stories from various Strange Adventures issues from 120 to 160

Who’s Who Special: Murphy Anderson
  • Hosted by The Irredeemable Shag and Rob Kelly
  • A “greatest hits” collection of Who’s Who Podcast entries, all drawn by Murphy Anderson
link to website:

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