Monday, December 8, 2014

1980 Marvel Subscription Ad

I absolutely love comic ads. I truly believe that comics serve as little time capsules of American culture. Comics from the Bronze age typically referenced parts of pop culture and big moments in history as they transpired, and then further context is added by the letters and the advertisement. It really is too bad that most comics published nowadays are almost completely void of all three elements. References to what's happening in the real world are almost completely removed from comics to prevent the comics from feeling "dated," letters columns are no gone completely or available only online, and advertisements are reserved almost solely for whole page ads only for other titles being published.

My favorite ads from the Bronze Age are definitely the ones that themselves are little miniature comics. The Hostess Ads are definitely the most famous and memorable, but many other products like the Charles Atlas body building ad, Spalding Tennis Shoes, and gems like the below subscription ad, still made the rounds. This is a Marvel subscription ad featuring a fireside Hulk from 1980!

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