Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to my little project called King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun! I am your host, Kyle Benning. If you followed the Outhousers website when they were relatively new to the comic media coverage game, I wrote a regular feature titled "Retro Reviews" where I took a look at comic runs or story arcs from the past that I was going back and revisiting. I, like so many others, am a little disenfranchised with the majority of comics being published by the "Big 2" currently, and have turned most of my comic budget towards tracking down back issues from the Silver and Bronze Ages. At the heart of those eras are books that I like to call over-sized comics.

Now what actually constitutes as an "Over-Sized Comic?" Well by my definition (and since this is my blog and podcast, that's all that really matters :P) it can mean any issue that contains an extended page count, such as annuals, like DC's 80 Page Annuals from the early 1960's or Marvel's King-Size Annuals from the Bronze and Silver-Age and then Double-Size annuals that replaced them in the 1980's; the Silver and Bronze Age DC reprints that had 80 or 100 page counts; extra long anniversary issues like the DC "Giants" or Marvel "Double-Size Anniversary" issues; the Marvel Giant-Size specials from 1974 and 1975; Marvel's Special Edition reprint mini's on Baxter Paper from the early 1980's; prestige format books from more recent years; and finally the actually physically larger Treasury Editions that both Marvel and DC published in the 1970's and 1980's. You can expect all of those and more to be covered on the blog and in the podcast. Of course like any podcast out there, I will have the occasional break in format, where I cover something else, such as Star Wars (have a few of those episodes being planned already), or take a look at an extended run or series of normal length issues.

To save on time (both yours and mine) I'm not going to be regurgitating the same information on the blog and podcast; they will very much be companion pieces, my analysis of issues are going to be confined mostly to the podcast, and the extensive history and publishing specifics for a series or run of issues will be reserved to an essay on the blog. I will most likely be posting my story synopses from the issues I cover in the episodes on the blog, so that piece of information will be in both sources. Episodes will drop regularly, and by regularly I mean between 6-10 times a month. I'll try to get out at least an episode a week, but with a newborn and some of my coaching obligations, some weeks may be more hectic than others, so there may be a week without an episode, followed by a week with 3-4 episodes.

So stay tuned, and be sure to tune it regularly. And of course be sure to check out my other work, The Legion of Super-Bloggers, where I am just one small part of this fantastic cast of bloggers and Legion enthusiasts who talk about all eras of the Legion. Other bloggers include Russell Burbage, Michael Siskoid, Shag Mathews, Tim Wallace, J David Weter, David Sopko, and Anj. So be sure to check out the Legion of Super-Bloggers, which has new posts daily over at

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