Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RCS Ep 023 He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special, Day 21 of 25 Days of Christmas

 Welcome to the 23rd Episode of Random Comic Showcase, the Podcast where I look at some other element of comics or geek culture that doesn't fall into the normal format of any of my other shows on the feed. This time out I sit down to discuss the often overlooked, yet classic 1985 He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special in part 21 of my 25 Days of Christmas Podcasts here on the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast Feed.

As always you can listen to the podcast episode by subscribing to the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast Feed on iTunes, or by downloading the episode directly here RCS Ep 023 He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special

Thank you so much for listening, be sure to come back tomorrow for a Christmas-themed Episode of Tales From the Golden Age.

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