Tuesday, January 13, 2015

King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Episode 009 Giant-Size Captain America #1

Do you like over-sized comics? Comics with extended page counts like DC's 80 Page Giants, 100 Page Super Spectaculars, and Dollar Comics Giants? Or Marvel's King-Size Annuals, Giant-Size Specials, or Double-Sized Issues? How about the physically larger Treasury Comics? Then welcome to the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast! Join me, your host, Kyle Benning, on a one man mission to brave the elements and review over-sized comics in my car during my lunch hour. 

In Episode 009 I tackle Giant-Size Captain America #1, which hit stands back in September 2, 1975 and reprinted the Captain America stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that were originally published in the pages of Tales of Suspense #59-63 that were all originally published in 1964. 

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