Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Daily Superman Newspaper Strip XIII

Continuing a look at where you can get the fine hardcover collections of Superman's Newspaper comic strip from yesterday, I have links for the pre-order of the first volume of the Atomic Age Sunday collection, as well as links for the already released Silver Age collections of the daily strip.

The first volume of the Atomic Age full color Sunday strips is set to go on sale on June 2, 2015. You can pre-order SUPERMAN: The Atomic Age Sundays vol. 1 (1949-1953) already from Amazon for $44. This IDW hardcover collection picks up the Sunday strips where their final Golden Age Sunday collection left off in 1949.

SUPERMAN: The Atomic Age 1949-1953

IDW has already released all of Superman's daily newspaper exploits starting in 1959 and going until the strip ended in 1966. These strips have been collected in their entirety and split up over 3 hardcover volumes.
You can get the first volume of this hardcover for as low as $11.95 + shipping!

SUPERMAN: The Silver Age Dailies 1959-1961

The second volume picks up where the first volume left off in 1961 and follows the strip into 1963. This second volume collections is available starting as low as $23.78 + shipping.

SUPERMAN: The Silver Age Dailies 1961-1963

And the third and final volume picks up where the second volume left off in 1963 and follows the series through its conclusion in April 1966. It is available starting at $30.99 + shipping and handling.

SUPERMAN: The Silver Age Dailies 1963-1966

And now the real reason you're here, more Golden Age Superman Newspaper Comic Strip Goodness! Enjoy installments #79-84 below!

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